By 2025, tapouts will prepare one million children to take on our future challenges by transforming stress into success. Ready to help your child (and the world) reach their potential?

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Included with tapouts:


Live group sessions.

Each week, children and teens participate in 30-minute sessions that consider age groups and interests.


Science-backed program.

Our methodology features interdisciplinary fields within psychology, neuroscience, and education.


Coaches who care.

Our coaches foster an impactful, empathetic learning experience and some serious fun along the way.


Safe spaces.

We’re about welcoming environments where children and teens are free to share thoughts and feelings, grow, and be themselves.

Easy access.

Our virtual group sessions are conveniently accessible through Zoom from anywhere in the world.
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The Program

tapouts coaches focus on wellbeing, emotional understanding, and mindsets, so your kids can grow up with skills we wish we knew back then. Once-a-week group coaching is at our core — with games, open sessions, and mentoring mixed in.

About tapouts.

Our program equips children and teens with skills they don’t learn in school. Expressing emotions. Identifying unhelpful thoughts. And becoming more resilient to whatever life brings.

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Why tapouts?

tapouts knows that well-adjusted kids grow into well-adjusted adults.
of parents are satisfied with what kids learned.

of kids enjoyed what they learned.

rated our coaches 4+ on a scale of 1–5.
of kids said sessions were fun.

Our program teaches young people stuff they don’t learn in school. How to be more resilient. How to express feelings, make new friends, and optimize joy even when life gets heavy.

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Children and teens learn to:
  • Identify and express feelings.
  • Manage thoughts.
  • Develop growth mindset.
  • Develop stress mindset.
  • Build resilience.
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How tapouts Works

  • Take our free assessment.

    Helps parents understand whether tapouts would be helpful for their child.
  • Join a pod.

    Your child will join similar-aged peers and progress through a science-backed edutainment curriculum led by one of our trained coaches.
  • Watch the magic happen.

    Week-by-week, your child will begin to cultivate skills necessary for resilience while having fun and making new social connections.

Program topics:

  • Emotions

    Kids and teens learn the role emotions can play in our lives -- specifically, the connection between our emotions and how we behave/respond in common situations.
  • Thoughts

    Kids and teens learn about important thought concepts and about our awareness of thoughts.
  • Actions/Behaviors

    Kids and teens learn skills that illustrate the connection between our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors – and how to recognize the importance of this connection.
  • Mindsets

    Adapting concepts such as stress mindset and growth mindset, tapouts teaches kids and teens about mindsets that change how they relate to stress, as well as increase their potential for academic and personal success.
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Get started with our free assessment and meet your coach today.

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The Stories

“I have 12,000 thoughts on average running through my brain, some I don't even take note of throughout my day...”
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Meet the team.

tapouts knows that well-adjusted kids grow into well-adjusted adults.
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  • How long are the sessions?

    30 minutes.

  • How much does tapouts cost?

    The tapouts program costs $ 25 weekly.

  • Where can I find session information?

    More information about the sessions can be requested by contacting the team directly.

  • When is my kids’ session?

    You can check the confirmation email sent out by tapouts. Your child will join the sessions each week on the same day and time.

  • What if my child is late for a session?

    They should try as much as possible to be early. If they are a little late, the coach will inform your child of any crucial information they missed. Your child will still be able to participate for the remainder of the sessions.

  • How does tapouts store information?

    Only those who work for tapouts will have access to your child’s information, which is kept in secure, password-protected servers.

  • Does tapouts share any information collected?

    Under no circumstances will tapouts share any information collected during the sessions with anyone outside of our immediate team.

  • What will the brief survey entail?

    The brief survey at the end of each session will entail what your youth thought of the session, and it will give them a chance to provide us with feedback.

Ask a question and find answers.

What people are saying.

Like the research, we’re not biased. See what people are saying.
I learned to keep a positive attitude through the rough times.


Seattle, WA
tapouts encouraged our family to talk together about growth mindsets and to encourage each other.


Singapore, SG
It is possible to have a growth mindset even if you are upset.


Austin, TX
I learned that you should always try to approach challenges with a positive mindset.


Los Angeles, CA
I learned how to help calm down emotions. This helped me because I was able to focus better on different things. Also seeing that other people were having similar experiences to me helped me.


Los Angeles, CA
One thing I learned today is that if you just focus and think about your five senses you can think about a place that you feel safe in and a place that calms you ad that helps you to have a positive mindset instead of a negative mindset.


White Plains, NY
That when you ever have ANTS in your head then just think to yourself I can do this I got this.


Los Angeles, CA
I learned that there are a lot of different things different people feel when they are having strong emotions.


McKinney, TX
My daughter is extremely shy and negative thoughts sometimes overwhelm her. With tapouts, she learned to reverse the negative and make it a positive.


Phoenix, AZ
How emotions affect your performance and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts help.


Jacksonville, FL
It’s not easy to find ways to engage teens in conversations about stress management. The virtual platform makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule.


Santa Monica, CA
Swat negative emotions away like ants, and have a growth mindset.


Singapore, SG
I learned to surround myself with an unwinding environment for myself to relax and calm myself down when I’m in a bad mood.


Carrolltonn, TX
I learned that our emotions can affect our performance. I learned that even superheroes have mentors or people they look up to and that we can learn from others. We learned about the box breathing method and I used it in school when I had a test to stay calm. I learned many useful things in this tapouts session and I really enjoyed it!


Brooklyn, NY
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It’s all fun and gains.
/ Per
*Billed every 4 weeks
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