Well-adjusted kids grow into well-adjusted adults. Ages 8–16 can enjoy tapouts’ intuitive games, group coaching, and mindset interventions guided by experts.

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Knowing how to use stress to your advantage is a great skill to have. We believe that the upside to unpleasant emotions is understanding them. In safe, comfortable settings, our coaches help children and teens develop skills they need to manage inevitable obstacles.

Here for mostly everything.
We don’t deliver pizza (yet).

Learning tactics they can use for life. That’s a positive, any way you slice it.

How to respond to one's own and others' challenging emotions.

Identifying and expressing unhelpful thoughts.

Gaining relaxation and problem-solving skills.

Becoming more resilient to life's adversities and challenges.

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How tapouts works.

Our approach is empirically-validated by a Kilimanjaro-like stack of research. And as new studies emerge, two constants stand true.
Cognitive behavioral framework teaches us that our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are connected, and that mindsets matter. A lot.
Mindsets are beneficial beliefs that help us evolve as a person with some practice. Stress mindset enables us to see stress as an enhancing vs. debilitating state. Growth mindset unlocks our striving to the fullest of our capacity. We teach both.

Something has to give.
We’re that something.

We ran the numbers and commit to changing them.
parents spend time worrying about a child.

of parents have sleep problems worrying about a child.

Majority of Parents

say their family is at least moderately stressed.

*tapouts acknowledges that not all family dynamics are a parent-to-child relationship and considers this research reflective of guardians, chosen family, etc.

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