tapouts teaches your child to build self-confidence and reduce their anxiety - skills they don't learn in school - with a certified coach and a group of like-minded peers.

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Navigating your child’s mental health can be challenging. School pressure, stress, anxiety, bullying, and self-esteem may all be effecting your child. Luckily, we have a team of professional psychologists and development experts that will help them thrive.

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  • Virtual coaching with certified coaches— individually and in groups. One 30-minutes Zoom class per week.
  • Gamified sessions that teach real-life skills.
  • Online community of like-minded peers.


  • Real-time access to SMS-based parenting assistance. Ask us anything and receive instant answers.
  • Weekly progress reports tracking your child's lessons.
  • Expert-led webinars on relevant topics related to parenting.
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Hear what our kids have to say

"It’s not easy to find ways to engage teens in conversations about stress management. The virtual platform makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule."


Santa Monica, CA
"I learned how to help calm down emotions. This helped me because I was able to focus better on different things. Also seeing that other people were having similar experiences to me helped me."


Los Angeles, CA
“I learned to keep a positive attitude through the rough times.”


Seattle, WA
“tapouts encouraged our family to talk together about growth mindset and to encourage each other.”


Singapore, SG
"It's not easy to find ways to engage teens in conversations about stress management. Tapouts make it happen!"


Brooklyn, NY
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What is tapouts?

The coaches at tapouts focus on identity shaping, growth mindset, and social-emotional skill building to help your kids thrive in face of adversities instead of merely surviving. Weekly group coaching is at our core, with games, open sessions, and mentoring mixed in.
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Secure one for your child today!

Our classes are only $100/month (fully refundable). A fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.

Step 1

Sign up your child online.

Signing up is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. We’ll collect some basic information about your child, their needs, and their availability.
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Step 2

We pair your child with a certified coach.

A dedicated member of our care team will help you onboard your child into the tapouts program. Your child will join peers in their age group and progress through a science-backed but fun curriculum lead by one of our certified coaches.
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Step 3

We provide ongoing support to your child.

With tapouts, learning how to thrive isn't a one-and-done. Our program offers mutiple checkpoints and challenges. We work closely with your child on a regular basis to make sure they get the care they need.
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Step 4

We provide real-time actionable data about how your child is doing.

Our weekly progress reports allow you to track your child’s growth, evaluate program outcomes, and receive early warnings about alarming behavior.
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Step 5

Watch the magic happen.

Week by week, your child will cultivate skills necessary for their resilience while having fun and making new social connections.
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Get your child the help they need, faster.

How to respond to one’s own and others’ challenging emotions.

Provide support to your child anytime, anywhere.

We work around your child’s busy schedule: evenings, weekends, school holidays—you name it. All sessions are accessible from the comfort of their phone or computer.

A fraction of the cost of traditional life coaching.

We believe that mental health is important for everyone. Our unique, group model allows us to keep our prices low so you can support your child’s mental health without breaking your wallet.

Designed for children, by children.

From the program’s initial research to its conception and implementation, children are involved in every step of our design process. This allows us to create a program that fosters real behavior changes among youth and adolescents.

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Meet the team.

tapouts knows that well-adjusted kids grow into well-adjusted adults.
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  • How long are the sessions?

    30 minutes.

  • How much does tapouts cost?

    The tapouts program costs $ 25 weekly.

  • Where can I find session information?

    More information about the sessions can be requested by contacting the team directly.

  • When is my kids’ session?

    You can check the confirmation email sent out by tapouts. Your child will join the sessions each week on the same day and time.

  • What if my child is late for a session?

    They should try as much as possible to be early. If they are a little late, the coach will inform your child of any crucial information they missed. Your child will still be able to participate for the remainder of the sessions.

  • How does tapouts store information?

    Only those who work for tapouts will have access to your child’s information, which is kept in secure, password-protected servers.

  • Does tapouts share any information collected?

    Under no circumstances will tapouts share any information collected during the sessions with anyone outside of our immediate team.

  • What will the brief survey entail?

    The brief survey at the end of each session will entail what your youth thought of the session, and it will give them a chance to provide us with feedback.

Ask a question and find answers.
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It’s all fun and gains.
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*Billed every 4 weeks
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